Cardio Kickboxing


Rhythmic cardio, heavy bags, plyometrics, core & stretching. Kickboxing classes will maximize your strength & speed while melting pounds off your body. Our classes will get you in shape, you’ll be stronger, faster, & look it.

The term kickboxing is a general term used to describe a combination of different striking and martial art styles. Our kickboxing utilizes various punching, kicking, and ducking techniques that improve cardiovascular condition, strength, and overall agility. We practice an athletic style of kickboxing that uses rhythmic cardio and heavy bags. You’ll be faster, stronger, and lighter on your feet. Keep in mind that while you will be performing some basic self defense moves, this is not considered a self defense class.

Strength Training


A variety of workouts using resistance bands and kettlebells. Our 45 minute strength training classes shred calories & give you a complete body workout.

Add a new dynamic to the same old moves with resistance bands. With resistance bands workouts, the tension is constant and incorporates more stabilizer muscles to keep the resistance band in alignment throughout each exercise. The result? Increased coordination and balance while involving more muscle groups.




Trainers, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts use plyometrics as a training tool to produce fast, powerfulmovements, and improve the functions of the nervous system. The goal is maximum force in the shortest time possible. Plyometric exercises include jumps, hops, drop jumps, and lateral movements.

It’s simple: come as often as you can (and we’d like to see you at least three times weekly)!


Peak Body is designed to work for you, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or haven’t exercised since high school, we find modifications or bring the intensity unique to each student. No fitness program is more complete, motivating and fun!

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